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Open Gymnasium Times: 
ALL Guests and Member for the Gym Should Check in at the Canteen upon Arrival

Fees: $3.00 adult, $2.50 students and seniors. All times that the gym is not booked for an event it is open for general use (badminton, basketball or ball hockey).  Note: All regular rules apply to facility use. Youth must be 11 years of age to use the facility unsupervised. Please note the gym will be divided by the staff so as many groups as possible can use the gym. (note: one person cannot expect a group to move so they can play a different sport nor can a group come and expect the one person to quit playing so they can have more space) We will try to provide shared space for basketball, ball hockey, pickleball and badminton. Please do not expect to come as a group and have the full space to yourself be prepared to share the space with other users playing the same sport.  Please note for some sports the gym must be rented by the group: indoor soccer games, baseball practice time and cricket due to the nature of flying balls. 

Due to the popularity of the gym space, there will be some times the gym is full and we cannot allow any more users.  

We may also designate space to be shared by two sports for 10 min blocks. Note: the staff in the building are going to do their best. Their decisions are final.

If you have a large group you can block the gym for your group by calling Donna at 902-628-8513 ext 221 or email . All gym times must be booked prior to open gym time postings. 

All Open Gym time has been suspended at this time.