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Skates will restart in the fall of 2022
Skating Rules:
-    Mask must be worn for entry, exit and all spectators.
-    Masks may be removed when you put your helmet on to go on to the ice. (If no helmet, when you go on the ice)
-    Please respect 6ft social distance while waiting to enter, entering, exiting and skating.
-    All people going on the ice to assist a skater in boots must wear a helmet.
-    If possible, please bring the correct change for payment.
-    All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and wear a Helmet.
-    Horseplay, tag, and racing will not be tolerated during the public skates and could result in people being asked to leave.
-    It is strongly suggested that all participants wear helmets during public skates.
-    Chairs should only be used as a skating tool. Please do not push kids on chairs.